DMEE Upload

Upload format definition to SAP DMEE


Step 1: Navigate to the DMEE

Enter transaction code DMEE in the command line and press Enter on your keyboard.

Transaction Code DMEE in SAP menu


Step 2: Upload format definition

Navigate via the menu Format Tree -> Read XML File or press the key combination Ctrl & F6 on your keyboard.

A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select the file from your desktop or other folder on your hard drive. Please make sure that the Location P (presentation server) is selected

DMEE Upload popup window

Make sure that the complete file name including the file extension ".xml" can be seen in the selection field. Unfortunately, SAP cuts off too long names, so that if the file name is no longer completely visible in the selection box, the file cannot be uploaded. Therefore, it makes sense to place the file directly on the desktop, as shown above. After selecting the file, press Copy. The fomat definition is then automatically uploaded to the DMEE and a format tree is created.


Step 3: Activate format tree

The last step is to check the automatically created format tree, if necessary adapt and activate it. In the format definition file, you always receive all the elements in the maximum number of occurrence allowed (for example, 7x element AddrLine). If certain items are not used in the maximum number or not at all, they can now be deleted. An addition of (non-technical) elements is not provided, as this would affect the correctness of the format.

Complete tree format definition in DMEE

In order to avoid a warning because of missing documentation, it is recommended to copy the name of the format tree into the documentation field. However, this does not affect the functionality or activatability of the format tree - it works with and without documentation. These simple steps completely define your DMEE format tree structure. Now you can assign the individual elements to constants, table fields, function blocks etc.


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