Fiori App Upload

How-To Guide for uploading, adapting and activating a complete format tree definition in SAP S/4HANA.



Creation of the message definition

As a user of an S/4HANA public cloud solution, you can upload message definitions from the Fiori launchpad using the "Map Format Data app" (F2685A).
App Info F2685A


Alternatively, you can find this application in Customizing (App «Manage solution» under SSCUI 100558. You can find this Customizing activity in the application area Finance -> Accounts Payable -> Payment Medium Formats.
SCCID 100558


Using the SSCUI 100558 message definitions can be uploaded, edited and activated analogous to GUI transaction DMEE or DMEEXSSCUI 102569 defines the processing of the payment medium formats created in the previous activity and thus corresponds to GUI transaction OBPM1.
Payment Medium Formats Configuration Steps


Clicking the "Configure" button takes you to the corresponding app.
Configuration Step SSCUI 100558


The message formats available in the system are listed in the overview screen of the "Assign format data" app (F2685A).
Overview Screen Format Mappings


By pressing «Create», a dialog window for creating the new format appears.
Dialog Window "Create New Format Mapping"


General data on the message format such as the technical name, description, data format (XML structure) and assignment type (PAYM - payment medium format) are recorded in this dialog box. The result is a container for the message definition that can be uploaded by clicking «Import».
Format Mapping Maintenance Status


Format assignments created by the customer always start with the prefix "/". After successfully uploading the message definition, you branch to the maintenance mask known from transaction DMEE or DMEEX.
Maintenance Version of Message Definition pain.001.001.11


Before the message is released, it can be tested for correctness by pressing «Check».
Check button to test message definition


The result of the successful check is displayed in a dialog box.
No problems found during the check message


Pressing «Release» activates the message format in the system.

Released Version of message format pain.001.001.11