Financial Standard Messaging Suite

check powered by AI
check rapid, out-of-the-box deployment
check all DB platforms incl. SAP HANA

Create, validate and send the latest ISO20022 message formats. Preconfigured message definitions, easy to adapt to bank-specific needs, rapid deployment to customer SAP systems.

Welcome to FinSystems

In many years of SAP-based customer2bank integration projects we encountered a lot of banks still utilizing rather old and proprietary message formats. Trying to map these formats to the customers database often leads to inaccurate or lost information which in turn causes disruption and delays in the through-processing of the messaga at the bank.

Also development and mapping of these formats drives high costs and effort both at the bank and its customer making onboardings expensive and risky while causing a low acceptance of changes or the introduction of new message formats.


This is why over the course of the last years we developed our AI powered FSMS program suite.

Use the below links to visit our FSMS product site or watch the product demo video (approx. 10 mins).



Since its establishment in August 2014 FinSystems is proudly looking back on a ever-growing list of projects with several industry customers in the area of ISO20022 message communication enablement and SAP rollouts.



BankĀ“s benefit

  • ISO20022 standard formats, easy to adapt to bank-specific needs
  • Accelerated message through-processing
  • Low time effort and costs both during implementation and daily IT support
  • High customer acceptance and improved binding





CustomerĀ“s benefit

  • Streamlined and accelerated payment and communication processes
  • Rapid deployment and out-of-the-box use
  • High usability and support functions to find and correct errors quick and easy
  • Additional formats available, e. g. pain.007, pain.008, camt.053, tsin.001, tsin.003 etc.