The Problem

In many projects attempting to establish electronic communication between Financial Service Providers (FSP) and their customers we faced the issue of having to close the gap between several proprietary message formats. These are in many cases specifically designed for or copied from a local standard and then adapted to the needs of a specific FSP, lacking thorough and easy-to-understand documentation if documented at all, using outdated data formats and methods of transfer and providing minimal or no possibility to test before going live.


Our Motivation

This unnecessarily increases time and effort spent on analysis, communication, implementation and testing. In the worst case it can even make the implementation project fail requiring to implementing parties to resume to manual input of the data in the relevant partner system.

For us, living in the 21st century, this seems as archaic as exchanging information via smoke signals. That is why we have accepted the challenge to promote and enhance the methods and means of electronic communication standardization. The software and consulting solutions developed by us shall help our customers to close technological gaps of their electronic data transfer methods or to easily and savely implement internationally accepted industry standards. True to our motto:


Integrated, automated messages transfer - easy, standardized, made in Germany!