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ISO20022 Financial Institution Credit Transfer Version 08


The FinancialInstitutionCreditTransfer message is sent by a debtor financial institution to a creditor financial institution, directly or through other agents and/or a payment clearing and settlement system. It is used to move funds from a debtor account to a creditor, where both debtor and creditor are financial institutions.



The FinancialInstitutionCreditTransfer message is exchanged between agents and can contain one or
more credit transfer instructions where debtor and creditor are both financial institutions. The FinancialInstitutionCreditTransfer message does not allow for grouping: a CreditTransferTransactionInformation block must be present for each credit transfer transaction. The FinancialInstitutionCreditTransfer message can be used in domestic and cross-border scenarios.



The FinancialInstitutionCreditTransferV08 MessageDefinition is composed of 3 MessageBuildingBlocks:


A. GroupHeader

Set of characteristics shared by all individual transactions included in the message.


B. CreditTransferTransactionInformation

Set of elements providing information specific to the individual credit transfer(s).


C. SupplementaryData

Additional information that cannot be captured in the structured elements and/or any other specific block.

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