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Product Attribute Release


What does Product Attribute Release stand for?

The product attribute Release is the SAP Basis Release of your SAP system. You should always choose a release that is smaller than your SAP Basis release, otherwise you will not be able to import the message into your SAP system.

Example: If your SAP Basis Release is 750, choose Release 740.


How can I find out my SAP Basis Release?

In the menu bar of your SAP system choose System -> Status.

SAP Menu Status

In the subscreen that appears, click the magnifying glass button in the SAP System Data block.

SAP status

The basic release of your SAP system can be found in the component SAP_BASIS.


What can I do if I chose the wrong Release for my product?

If you chose the correct format, but the wrong release, please contact us. We will convert the file into the format suitable for your SAP system. The correctness and completeness of the format is not affected by the conversion.



ISO20022 Message formats


What is the ISO20022 naming convention?

The name consists of four parts separated by a dot from each other:

  • the scope of application (4-digit, alphabetical): a lower case abbreviation of the scope, e.g. acmt (Account Management), camt (Cash Management) or pain (Payment Initiation)
  • the index (3-digit, numeric): number of the message within the application area, ascending
  • the variant (3-digit, numeric): individual institutions or organizations may standardize a light-weight version of the message containing only a subset of the available news items.
  • the version (2-digit, numeric): the version number after revision of the previous message in ascending order.


pain.001.001.08 translates to:

  • Application: Payment Initiation
  • Index: Customer Credit Transfer Initiation
  • Variant: 1 (global variant with all available elements)
  • Version: 8


Which ISO20022 message version shall I choose?

The Answer to this question depends heavily on the message elements you need and the functional and technical restrictions of your communication partner (such as partner bank). If for example, the recipient side of a message can only handle version 03 of a particular message type you either have to choose version 03 of this message format or you have to ask your communication partner to adapt his  system to cope with the latest verison of this message. Please be sure to check which version you need before purchasing any of our message format definitions.

Please note: we cannot grant right of exchange for incorrectly selected message versions


Where do I find prior message versions?

You can find prior versions of our messages in our message archive.