Here you will find our software products. On the following pages, you can choose from a wide range of different message formats to suit you. Each message format is delivered in different SAP ECC® release versions and equipment variants. In addition, our ValuePack offers include u. a. a format documentation and a sample file.


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Product no.: 1-001-0032

Sent to request the status of an AccountOpeningInstruction, GetAccountDetails or an AccountModificationInstruction.

249.95 *
Product no.: 1-001-0022

Used to initiate an investigation for missing funds at the creditor or at an agent along the processing chain.

249.95 *
Product no.: 1-001-0058

Sent by a central system to the participant to notify the current status of a foreign exchange trade.

249.95 *
Product no.: 1-001-0015

Is sent message by an agent to the previous agent to undo a payment previously settled.

249.95 *
Product no.: 1-001-9001

The CoreCreditTransferInitiation message is used to request movement of cash from a debtor's account to a creditor.

249.95 *
Product no.: 1-001-0050

Is used to support the cancellation of a settlement confirmation previously sent by the account holder.

249.95 *
Product no.: 1-001-0055

Allows the sender of the message to identify where the referral note for a corresponding payment is located.

249.95 *
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