On this and the following pages you will find various pieces of research, papers and articles regarding the ISO20022 and automated message exchange published by us. We wish you a pleasant reading!

BoE migrates ISO20022 elements to CHAPS

08/07/2021 - BoE migrates ISO20022 elements to CHAPS

In December 2020 the Bank of England issued a Policy Statement on the migration of ISO20022 elements into CHAPS.

ISO20022 Payments 2020/2021 Maintenance

13/07/2021 - ISO20022 Payments 2020/2021 Maintenance

The ISO 20022 SEG released new versions of ca. 90 message definitions of the Payments Maintenance stack in its 2020/2021 Maintenance.

ISO20022 Payments 2018/2019 Maintenance

10/08/2021 - ISO20022 Payments 2018/2019 Maintenance

On January 21st, 2019 the ISO20022 Payments SEG approved its annual revision of the Payments Maintenance scheme.